I love to give my man handjobs in everyway. I get his cock really hard jacking him fast, then slow, gripping it, holding it, ball playing, milking. Jerking him off with my long hair wrapped around his hard member. Then just as he's ready to cum, I know just when and how to jerk his meat to get him to dump every last hot drop out of his swollen balls! I have very long and skinny fingers and know how to please a man with them! It really turns him on when I wrap my worn panties around his hard cock and jack him into a frenzy and he has to ask me to stop because his cock is sooo tender! My other handsex talents include intense cock ring handjobs, messy lotion handjobs, baby oil handjobs, hair handjobs, footjobs, anal stimulation handjobs, teasing handjobs, panty handjobs, and tons of hot sunlight sweaty cock handjobs with tanning oil.
I just love to give handjobs, rubbing it up and down, squeezing it, twisting it, turning it. I love milking your cock! I have very long and skinny fingers and know how to please a man with them! Come inside and I'll milk your cock for you!
Q: Why do you like beating off guys so much?
A: "I like seeing what cums out of them"
Q: So that's your favorite part?
A: "Yes, making you explode and shooting your hot fucking load"
I laughed like crazy as my man dumped his oversized cum load! He shoots it so far and has so much. This is what I really like about jacking him off. I like to get him to the point where he has to tell me to just stop it!

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