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I just love to give handjobs, rubbing it up and down, squeezing it, twisting it, turning it. I love milking your cock! I have very long and skinny fingers and know how to please a man with them! Come inside and I'll milk your cock for you!

Half Hour Handjob Tease

I poured some baby oil all over his dick to make it nice and slippery. I love to wank that dick to build up a hot load of cum and teasing his dick until he couldn't stand it anymore. I was a total tease getting him hard almost making him cum and then I would stop stroking him...He was so fucking hard and it was hot to tease him and make his balls nice and tight for a hot load of cum for my sticky fingers. View this update inside right now!

My other handsex talents include intense cock ring handjobs, messy lotion handjobs, baby oil handjobs, hair handjobs, footjobs, anal stimulation handjobs, teasing handjobs, panty handjobs, and tons of hot sweaty cock handjobs with tanning oil.

Half Hour Handjob Tease

I have to admit that there is nothing like having a bare slippery oiled up cock in your hand to play with. The fabric was kinda tough but I managed to do a good job and keep jerking him. I took my hose and put his cock all the way to the end where my feet would be andpoured more oil on him and jerked him off good! View this update inside right now!

I just love an oily slippery cock so I poured even more oil on him so I could stroke him fast and slow.. teasing him a little. It feels so good to stroke his dick so fast and feel the hot cum just fly right out of his cock. One of my favorite things to do....

Half Hour Handjob Tease

I was outdoors laying out on the boat in 95 degrees in my shiny teal bikini. It was extremely hot as hell. I enjoyed spraying my body off with some fresh lake water it really cooled me down a lil’ bit. I was in a horny mood and decided to untie one side of my suite and start playing with my pussy a little bit to get it nice and wet. When I got to his cock he put on 3 cock rings before having me go to town on his cock with my mouth... View this update inside right now!

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Half Hour Handjob Tease

I am little miss lucky in green but I think it's his lucky day! I was in the mood for some hand groping. I had him put on his purple cockrings and I poured some baby oil all over his dick so I can give him a nice rub and tug. I just love baby oil and how it feels in the palm of my hand especially when I am jacking cock off. My fingers are so slippery and it just feels good to roll them around his shaft and balls... View this update inside right now!

I love stroking cock and you can tell I do a good job at it. He had on his purple cock ring which I love that makes his balls nice and tight while I stroke him good. My nails were hot pink and felt so good having that hard peice of meat in between them.

Half Hour Handjob Tease

I was spying on the guy that just went into the tanning bed. He didn't know I was in the room but he did leave the door cracked and a little bit open. I poured the oil all over his cock meat and to my surprise he had a nice red cock ring wrapped around his balls. I started stroking his cock in different positions and he was moaning and groaning getting turned on from what I was doing to him in the salon... View this update inside right now!

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